B.E.Gelfand medal

Established by Russian Section of The Combustion Institute

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1. The Award description

1.1.  The medal is established to commemorate the outstanding scientist in the field of Physical Chemistry, USSR State Prize winner, academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Professor Boris Efimovich Gelfand (18.02.1941 – 03.10.2010). The B.E.Gelfand medal is awarded by the Russian Section of The Combustion Institute.

1.2.  The B.E.Gelfand medal could be awarded to Russian scientists or scientists from other countries “for essential contribution to theory and practice of combustion and explosion, shock waves suppression, fire and explosion safety”.

1.3.  The decision on awarding the B.E.Gelfand medal is taken once per year in October by the Commission on awarding the B.E.Gelfand medal, which is formed by the members of the Russian Section of The Combustion Institute approved by the Chairman of the Russian Section.

1.4.  Nominations for the B.E.Gelfand medal could be made by the members of The Combustion Institute, as well as Scientific Councils of scientific-research, educational or engineering organizations registered in Russian Federation.

1.5.  Any scientist having been awarded by the Gelfand medal once, cannot be nominated for the second time.

2. The medal description

2.1. The B.E.Gelfand medal is made of special alloy “tompak” in the form of a circular disk 27 mm in diameter, 3 mm thick with golden coating.

2.2. On the front side the B.E.Gelfand portrait and the sign are present «Борис Ефимович Гельфанд (18.02.1941 – 03.10.2010)».

2.3. On the back side of the medal the Cyrillic sign «Российская секция Международного Института Горения» (Russian Section of The Combustion Institute). In the centre of the back side the emblem of The Combustion Institute is present.

2.4. The medal with the help of round ring is connected with a rectangular plate decorated by red ribbon 20 mm thick. On the back side of the plate there is a pin for attaching the medal. The medal is worn on the left side of the jacket.



Vyacheslav Babkin

Sergey Khomik

Sergey Medvedev

Robert I. Nigmatulin

Mikhail Silnikov



Derek Bradley

Vladimir Fortov

Iskender Goekalp

Nickolay Smirnov

Vyacheslav Ulybin



Vitaliy Adushkin

Mikhail Chernyshov

Oser Igra

Kazuyoushi Takayama

Sergei Yakush


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